Spring Fling 2019 – Update #1

Guild Ball sold out – What’s next?

Shortly before 6pm Sunday, January 6th I received a text saying one of the links for Spring Fling tickets was not working. I stepped away from the board gameI was playing to rush to my laptop for a quick 5 minute scramble with our trusty web developer Derek to get things fixed. Adrenaline surged as the website started slowing down due to (we imagine) the excitement you all had waiting for tickets to go live.

2 minutes of frustration as the ticket page wouldn’t present, then things clicked into place and tickets for the Guild Ball event started flying out the door. I breathed a sigh of relief, thanked Derek over text, then stepped back to my game with my trusty iPhone sitting on the table next to me. The next 150 minutes was a steady beat of chimes as each paypal payment came in. At one point I was asked if I should silence my phone, to which my lovely wife responded “No Way, we need to know if they sell out or slow down in sales!”.

I lost my first and second game of Villainous, but it seems the prize for best and most excited event attendees certainly came my way. I’m humbled by and thankful for the faith you have that I’ll organize an event worth your time. I’m extremely excited to see how things go this year and how my plans (bigger, better, and more) are received!

There’s a couple pieces of business I need to address. Let’s jump right in.

Ticket Availability and Reserve tickets

First, everyone who was able to purchase a ticket in paypal got into the event. This year I was able to setup limited tickets within Paypal so only available tickets were sold. I’d reserved a handful of tickets (approximately 12) for some special use. I’m going over the inventory of those tickets now and plan to release any extra’s as soon as (and if) I’m able. What makes me able to do so? If the use the reserved ticket was assigned to is no longer to be used. I’ll know this by next week.


Once I know how the reserve tickets look (no later than 10am Monday January 14th) I’ll open up the waitlist. The waitlist will run similar to how I handled it last year. I’ll compile a list and keep it posted here and on the facebook event page. If people drop, I will open up the slot to the waitlist, in order of received sign-up. Waitlist recipients will have 24 hours to purchase tickets before the spot passes to the next person on the list. There will be a special link to purchase tickets for those on the waitlist.

Board Games, Developers Dinner, Significant Others event

The Spring Fling 2019 is a full mini-convention, not just a Guild Ball tournament. That being the case, there’s more involved this year and we have other activities. I’m currently working out a full schedule of hosted board game events, but I urge everyone to check out the Board Game’s link at the top of the page. There’s 2 sections:

  • First – A list and description of the Board Game events
  • Second – a page dedicated to the open-play library of games available. (the open play library is different from the Play and Win games)

Full details on who will be attending the Developers Dinner and the activities for the Significant Others events are being finalized and will be announced as I’m able. At this moment I can confirm that Brian Niro of AnvilEight Games (Makers of Aetherium, Aetherium Role Playing, and Font Line No Komrades) will be one fo the featured developers.

Thats it for now, more news will be coming so keep an eye on this space!