Reserve Tickets & Waitlist

Extra tickets and Wait List coming available

Ticket sales for events is less of an exact science than I would have ever imagined! I go into every year planning the Spring Fling setting a couple tickets aside for specific uses. Primarily this is to help gather additional support for the Spring Fling and help get the word out. This is also where I’m able to do tings like provide tickets to other events as prizes (as I did for Second Wind!).

Sometimes, all these reserve tickets do not get used and I’m happy to release them to the general ticket sales. Last year I went straight to the waitlist and handled it that way. This year I’m going to do something different. Additionally, I have less reserve tickets than some believe are available based on some of the scuttlebutt I’ve been hearing! As a note, the Longshanks list is a bit misleading for the number of people registered for the Spring fling. Two things contribute to this, first being I enter the Longshanks registrations manually because I keep the Spring Fling closed. I entered the names but needed to do a compare with the paid list during this past week to make sure I had not missed anyone. Second, if you hide your Longshanks account from public view, it also removes you from tournament registration, resulting in Lonshanks registrations displaying less than are actually registered.

After the compare and going through the reserve lists this week I’ve found I have 3 additional tickets I expected to be reserved. I’m going to use one of those for a local tournament prize, details on the tournament forthcoming. The other 2 I’m releasing to the general sale pool of tickets, available Sunday January 13 at noon EST.


On the waitlist, I’ve got everything set-up and the waitlist will go live Monday morning January 14th. It’s pretty easy to get yourself onto the waitlist, just send me an email. The Spring Fling email for waitlist and other communications will be Just send an email there with the following information and you’ll be added:

  • Please add me to the Spring Fling waitlist for the following event(s)
    • Springfling Guild Ball / Spring Fling Developers Dinner / etc
    • Full Name
    • **Email address**
    • **phone number for texts**

The phone number for the text is optional, but makes it easier for me to contact you if/when you come available. I’ll add a new tab to the front page to track waitlist status, but please keep in mind it will be a manual process for updating it.