Events Unveiled and Added

Lots to do during the Spring Fling weekend

The end of this week through this weekend saw some exciting activity on the event front of the Spring Fling. Everyone was included, both the board gamers and the Guild Ball gamers attending!

Rising Sun Tournament Added!

Thanks to the one of our very excellent game masters, we’ll be hosting a 10 person, 2 round, Rising Sun tournament on Saturday of the Spring Fling! 10 players will join in the struggle to gain the most combined victory points across the 2 games. Players will bid honor for priority drafting their preferred clan, then proceeding into the game with that clan. This is an excellent event for both experiences Rising Sun players and new players who’ve only played a couple games.

Moonstone – The Game

Moonstone is a whimsical fantasy skirmish game for 2-4 players, which sees you leading fairytale inspired characters across the dark lands in search of precious Moonstones. Players compete to collect as many stones as possible before the breaking of the dawn, with bloody combat an almost inevitable outcome with such a prize in sight.

Moonstone will be demoed for the first time in the US on both Saturday and Sunday of the Spring Fling. Come check out this incredibly endearing and tactically deep game!

Dark Souls the Board Game – Boss and Megaboss Battle!

“You Died!” – this is the opening message for Dark Souls the board game. Do you have the courage to jump straight into an encounter with one of the fearsome and deadly bosses of the Dark Souls world? Can your party take a pre-assembled kit of balanced equipment and defeat the terrifying MegaBoss, the Black Dragon Kalameet? This is your chance to do so! Groups will be given 60 minutes to defeat one of the challenging Dark Souls bosses and/or 90 minutes to defeat the Black Dragon Kalameet mega-boss. The group who defeats them the quickest over the weekend will win a trophy! (quickest in each encounter)

Bryce Johnston of Steamforged Games joins the Developers Dinner

Bryce Johnston, esteemed developer and Rules Lawyer lead at Steamforged games, will be joining the Developers Dinner. This is an excellent chance to pick the brains of another premier game developer over dinner, or just buy the man a drink in appreciation for what he’s contributed to the gaming community.

Bryce shared the following with us: I’m Bryce Johnston, I’m a Game Developer at Steamforged Games. I got into Guild Ball not long after Season 1 came out, then started working for SFG as a proof reader/copy editor, and gradually ended up working more and more full time until I got offered the Game Developer role. I was Lead Developer on Dark Souls: The Card Game, I’ve worked on various SFG projects, and of course, I spend a lot of my time working on Guild Ball.

Steamforged Question and Answer

Following the conclusion of the Guild Ball tournament on Saturday, Steamforged Guild Ball developer Bryce Johnston will generously conduct a Question and Answer session for Spring Fling attendees. Do you have questions on the next Minor Guild Release? Do you want to know where Blackhearts Ship is? Bryce will answer what he can!