We’ve not done a great job getting the word out that the Spring Fling 2019 is a full convention, not just a Guild Ball Tournament. We love our Guild Ball players and it’s incredibly exciting that we’ll have 64 Guild Ball players in house competing at the event. It’s still the largest “independent” Guild Ball event in the US. That said, there’s a ton more to do this year with the Board Games, Card Games, and Roleplaying Games added.

Here’s a high level synopsis of what we’ve got going on!

Aetherium Enter the Wayfinders

The Aetherium Enter the Wayfinders event introduces a brand new faction to the Aetherium Roleplaying Game. These models will not launch until Gencon 2019, and are only available previous to that at Conventions such as Adepticon, Spring Fling, Origins, and Gencon! Additionally, games at the Spring Fling 2019 will take their place in line with the games played at Adepticon and Gencon 2019, contributing to the Aetherium Story Line. This means the Spring Fling is 1 of only 3 opportunities to influence the future of Aetherium through you’re play in the campaign!


Aetherium RolePlaying Game – PreRelease!

The Aetherium Roleplaying game let’s players delve into the world of the Aetherium in a new way. These roleplaying sessions are some of the very few available prior to the release of the game later this summer. Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity to try out the roleplaying game before official release!!!


Anvil Eight Games – Secret Squirrel

Anvil Eight Games will be bringing something very exciting exclusively to the Spring Fling 2019. They’ll be demoing one of their upcoming games that’s not yet in production. This will be a first look situation only available at the Spring Fling! We’re incredibly thankful to the Anvil Eight team for bringing this exclusively to the convention!



Rising Sun tournament

Rising Sun by Cool Mini or Not games is one of the top games of 2018. This Rising Sun tournament will pit 10 players against each other on 2 boards. This 2 round tournament will determine the most successful Rising Sun player through combined victory points across the 2 rounds. There’s even a unique trophy for the winner!



Keyforge – Sealed Deck Tournament

This sealed deck Keyforge tournament is open to attendees of the Spring Fling. Swiss pairing, 16 player, sealed deck where you’ll receive a unique Keyforge deck and, open and register it, then use that deck to play vs other players sealed decks. Deck’s provided and kept by the players.



Play & Win Game Library

Spring Fling has a number of brand new games in the Play & Win library. Players will select a game from the library and be matched up with a group to play that game. On checking the game out all players will be entered into a drawing specifically linked to the game they check-out. The winner of the game will have a second entry entered upon checking the game back into the library. During the convention closing ceremonies each game will have a name drawn from those who played during the weekend and that player will take the game home.




Dark Souls Boss and Megaboss fights

The most exciting part of the Dark Souls board game is bringing your fully-equipped and battle hardened party to face the boss of the dungeon. At the Spring Fling we’re jumping right to that part of the game with our Boss and MegaBoss fights! Steamforged Games has shared their secret set-up for a challenge boss fight and we’re bringing that to you. Gather your party of 4 adventurers, pre-equipped with selected equipment, and face down a Boss (60 minutes to complete) or choose to face the Black Dragon Kalameet in a mega-boss battle (90 minutes to complete). The team who defeats the boss/megaboss the fastest over the convention wins a trophy!