Spring Fling 2019 Developers Dinner

Great Food, Great conversation, Meet the Game Developers!

How often have you been sitting around with friends, or even alone, and thinking or talking about your favorite games? Specifically, how often have those thoughts drifted to thinking you could do it better. Even more, have you ever wondered why certain decisions were made in your favorite game? How many of you out there listen to podcasts like “Board Games Insider” and “Ludology” and really enjoy hearing about the “inside” of the gaming industry?

I suspect there are a number of you out there who are similar to me and fit some or all of the descriptions above. Bear with me a bit, as I guarantee you’ll be excited by the end of this short article.

The Spring Fling Gaming convention is hosting a Developers Dinner. What is a Developers Dinner you ask, I’m happy to tell you about it. I really like the idea of hosting a dinner in a comfortable setting where non-industry-types (regular people like you and I) have a chance to spend time with gaming “insiders”. I get especially excited when I can talk openly with the people who own game companies and design and develop the great games I’m playing. This is the idea behind the Developers Dinner.

The Spring Fling Developers dinner will bring together 3 fantastic developers with a small group of 20 people for dinner, drinks, and conversation. Each of the developers will give a brief introduction including what they’ve worked on and a bit of what they’re currently excited about. After that the next 2 hours will be good food and casual and open conversation in the room.

Are you looking for the chance to pitch your game idea? Are you excited about growing your contacts in the gaming industry? Are you just interested in hanging out and eating good food with the people who’ve made games you enjoy? Then the Developers Dinner is for you!

Spring Fling 2019 Developers Dinner will feature:

  • Brian Niro – Founder and Lead Developer at Anvil Eight Games
  • Bryce Johnston – Game Developer at Steamforged Games
  • Vincent Rospond – Owner and Founder of Winged Hussar Publishing

Tickets are already selling, don’t miss out! The Developers Dinner will be Friday, April 26th.

The Dinner ticket covers your meal and drinks (not alcohol) for $40. Buy tickets below: