An event for those “Gaming Widows” who support us!

2019 Significant Others Event

We, the gaming warrior, bravely go forth to face challenges on our gaming weekends! Striking deep into the wilds of Convention-land, this year searching out the more exclusive targets of the Spring Fling convention 2019. We leave behind our beloveds, weeping at our departure, fearful of our losses, and pining for our return.

That’s what everyone pictures, right? I mean, come on, we’re Gamers and have wildly creative imaginations!

Fear not intrepid gamer, the Spring Fling 2019 is here for you. No longer do you need to leave behind your own “Gaming Widow”, waiting for your return. Think of the Spring Fling Convention as a glorious trip for the cultured (and well to do) family. Get away as a couple to the gaming convention. AND, before your significant other turns their nose up (i.e. “I’m not interested in those games”), tell them about the SO event! Check out a cultured flower and garden show, sip tea (and coffee) at the local caffeine parlor, sip mimosas at brunch, all with other “Gaming Widows”.

How could you miss out on this???? Think of what a great weekend away this is! Think of how much easier it will be to get a “kitchen pass” in the future!

The details and schedule for the Spring Fling 2019 Significant Others event are posted. Check them out here: and grab a ticket, and bring them along!